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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991 Bulk Density in Relation to Infiltration Capacity of Loam Soils.A. M. Al-Darby; Y. Z. El-Shafei
1993 Chemical Properties of a Calcareous Soil as Affected by Tillage Practices in Saudi ArabiaA. M. Falatah; A. M. Al-Darby
1995 The Combined Effect of Soil Gel-Conditioner and Irrigation Water Quality and Level on: I. Soil Water Retention and Availability, Water and Salt Distribution in Sandy Soil.A. A. Al-Sheikh; A. M. Al-Darby
1991 Distribution and Redistribution of Water under Sprinkler and Ponded Infiltration in Sandy Soil.A. M. Al-Darby
2005 Effect of Mulching Rates on Evaporation, Water and Salt Distribution in Two Soils with Different Texture from Upper Soil Layer, in Derab, Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaAl-Harby, A. B.; A. M. Al-Darby; R. A. Abdel-Aziz
1990 Effect of Water Quality on Infiltration of Loamy Sand Soil Treated with Three Gel-ConditionersA. M. Al-Darby; A. M. Al-Omran
1991 Gel-Conditioned Barriers for Water Management of Sandy Soils.A. M. Al-Omran; A. M. Al-Darby; A. A. Shalaby
1996 The Hydraulic Properties of a Sandy Soil Treated with Gel- Forming Soil Conditioner.A. M. Al-Darby
1992 The Hydraulic Properties of Soils: Prediction and Measurement.Y. Z. El-Shafei; A. M. Al-Darby; A. A. Shalaby
1994 Impact of a Highly Swelling Gel-Forming Conditioner (Acryhope) upon Water Movement in Uniform Sandy Soils.Y. Z. El-Shafei; A. M. Al-Darby; A. A. Shalaby; A. M. Al-Omran
1991 Impact of Gel Conditioners and Water Salinity on Intermittent EvaporationA. M. Al-Omran; A. M. Al-Darby; M. A. Mustafa; A. A. Shalaby
1990 Impact of Water Quality on Crust Strength of a Gel- Conditioned Calcareous Sandy Soil.A. M. Al-Omran; A. A. Shalaby; M. A. Mustafa; A. M. Al-Darby
1992 Influence of a Gel-Forming Conditioner on Water Retention, Infiltration Capacity, and Water Distribution in Uniform and Stratified Sandy SoilsA. A. Shalaby; A. M. Al-Darby
1996 Influence of a Highly Swelling Gel-forming Conditioner (Acryhope) on Hydrophysical Properties of Layered Sandy Soils.A. M. Al-Darby; A. M. Al-Omran; Y. Z. El-Shafei; A. A. Shalaby
1991 Initial Moisture Content in Relation to Infiltration Capacity of Sandy Soils.Y. Z. El-Shafei; A. M. Al-Darby
1997 Response of Seleg Data Plam Trees to Basin, Bubbler and Trickle Irrigation Systems Using Different Irrigation RegimesM. A. Bacha; A. I. Al-Amoud; A. M. Al-Darby
2000 Seasonal water use of date palms in the central region of Saudi Arabia.A. M. Al-Darby; Al-Amoud; M. A. Bacha
Showing results 2 to 18 of 18
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