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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010 Efficacy of a grapefruit extract on head lice: a clinical trial.Abdel-Ghaffar, F.,; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Klimpel, S.; Mehlhorn, H
1998 Eimeria yemenensae n. sp. (Apicomplexa: Eimeriidae) from the Rock Agama (Agama yemenensis) in Saudi Arabia.AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Alyousif, M. S
2009 Evolutionary relationship and species separation of four morphologically similar stichotrichous ciliates (Protozoa, Ciliophora).AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Al-Khedheiry, A; Song, W.
2010 Experiments to produce cysts in cultures of Histomonas meleagridis—the agent of histomonosis in poultry.Zaragatzki, E.,; Mehlhorn, H; Abdel-Ghaffar, F; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Grabensteiner, E; Hess, M
2009 Further consideration of the phylogeny of some ‘‘Traditional’’ Heterotrichs (Protista, Ciliophora) of uncertain affinities, based on new sequences of the small subunit rRNA gene.AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Clamp, J; Song, W; Al-Arifi, S; Al-Khedhairy, A
2010 Guard cell anion channel SLAC1 is regulated by CDPK protein kinases with distinct Ca2+ affinities.Scherzer, S; Mumm, P.,; Marten, I; Ache, P; Matschi, S; Liese, A; Wellmann, C.,; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Grill, E.,; Romeis, T; Hedrich, R
2009 In vitro efficacy of ByeMite® and Mite-Stop® on developmental stages of the red chicken mite Dermanyssus gallinae.Abdel-Ghaffar; Semmler, M.,; Mehlhorn, H; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S
2009 Life cycle of Sarcocystis camelicanis infecting the camel (Camelus dromedarius) and the dog (Canis familiaris), light and electron microscopic study.Abdel-Ghaffar, F; Mehlhorn, H.,; Bashtar, A.,; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; El-Fayoumi, H; Sakran, T
2005 Light and Electron Microscopy of Eimeria magna Infecting the House Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus from Saudi Arabia. I. Asexual Developmental Cycles.Muborak, M; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S
2005 Light and Electron Microscopy of Eimeria magna Infecting the House Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus from Saudi Arabia. I. Asexual Developmental Cycles.AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Al-Ghamdy, A. A.,; Bashtar, A-R
2005 Light and Electron Microscopy of Eimeria magna Pérard, 1925 Infecting the House Rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus from Saudi Arabia. II. Gamogony and Oocyst wall formation.AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; A.Shazly, M; Bashtar, A-R.; Muborak, M
2010 Light and transmission electron microscopic studies on the encystation of Histomonas meleagridis.Zaragatzki, E.,; Grabensteiner, E; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Mehlhorn, H; Mehlhorn, H
1999 Marine interstitial Pleurostomatid ciliates from Jubail Marine Wildlife Sanctuary, the Arabian Gulf, Saudi Arabia.AL-Rasheid, K. A. S
2008 A molecular phylogenetic investigation of Pseudoamphisiella and Parabirojimia (Protozoa, Ciliophora, Spirotrichea), two genera with ambiguous systematic positions.Song, W.,; Al-Farraj, S. A.; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Roberts, D
2009 Molecular phylogeny of the scuticociliate, Philaster (Protozoa, Ciliophora), with a description of a new species, P. apodigitiformis sp. nov.Wang, Y.,; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Song, W.
2007 Morphogenesis in the marine spirotrichous ciliate Apokeronopsis crassa (Claparède & Lachmann, 1858) n. comb. (Ciliophora: Stichotrichia), with the establishment of a new genus, Apokeronopsis n. gen. and redefinition of the genus ThigmokeronopsisHu, X; Warren, A; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; K. A. S., Al-Quraishy, S. A; Song, W.
2007 The morphology of three marine heterotrichous ciliates, Condylostentor auriculatus (Kahl, 1932) Jankowski, 1978, Condylostoma minutum Bullington, 1940 and C. spatiosum Ozaki & Yagiu in Yagiu, 1944 (Ciliophora: Heterotrichida).AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Al-Farraj, S. A; Shao, C.,; Al-Farraj, S. A.,; Gong, J; Hu, X.
2009 The morphology, morphogenesis and SSrRNA gene sequence of a new marine ciliate, Diophrys apoligothrix spec. nov. (Ciliophora; Euplotida).AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Warren, A
2009 Nature helps: from research to products against blood-sucking arthropodsSemmler, M; Abdel-Ghaffar, F.,; AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Mehlhorn, H.
2002 Notes on the poorly-known marine peritrichous ciliate, Zoothamnium plumula Kahl, 1933 (Protozoa, Ciliophora), an ectocommensal organism from cultured scallops in Qingdao, China.AL-Rasheid, K. A. S; Hu, X.
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