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2001 Effects of dietary mixtures of Citrullus colocynthis (L.) Schrad. And Rhazya stricta Decne in Rats.Ahmed H. Alfarhan; Al-Yahya, M.A.; Adam, S.E.I
1990 Evaluation of turmeric (curcuma longa) for gastric and duodenal antiulcer activity in ratsRafatullah, S.; Tariq, M.; Al-Yahya, M.A.; Mossa, J.S.; Ageel, A.M.
2001 Field trips were conducted from 1990 to 1999to a prominent "raudha" (meadow) in the Central Province of Saudi Arabia in order to study the vegetation and to present an up-to-date knowledge of its flora. The study area (Raudhat Khuraim), a wide and shallow depression, is one of the finest places in the entire arid and extra arid parts of the Arabian Peninsula due to its plant density and speciation. Raudhat Khuraim, a protected area from vehicular traffic, lies at the fringe of a stony and sandy desert in the North East of Riyadh city and acts as a refuge for Saharo-Arabian taxa during adverse climatic conditions. Since the area is in the middle of an arid region, the vegetation is largely seasonal with a high percentage (82%) of annual species that germinate and flower soon after the winter rains. A complete annotated flora of the Raudha is prepared for the first time, including 1 gymnosperm, 131 dicots and 21 monocots. The raudha and its neighboring regions are devoid of any endemic plants. However, at least one species, Delphinium orientale 1.Gay (Ranunculaceae), mainly of North African and Mediterranean origin, has been reported for the Arabian Peninsula on the basis of a single collection from Raudhat Khuraim. Simple keys and brief descriptions of species have been provided for easy determination.Al-Yahya, M.A.; Ahmed H. Alfarhan
1995 Gastric and duodenal antiulcer and cytoprotective effects of Aframomum Melegueta in ratsRafatullah, S.; Al-Yahya, M.A.; Galal, A.M.; Al-Said, M.S.
1990 Gastric antisecretory, antiulcer and cytoprotective properties of Ethanolic extract of Alpinia Galanga willd in ratsAl-Yahya, M.A.; Rafatullah, S.; Mossa, J.S.; Ageel, A.M.; Al-Said, M.S.
1989 Gastroprotective activity of ginger Zingiber officinale Rose, in Albino ratsAl-Yahya, M.A.; Ageel, A.M.; Rafatullah, S.; Mossa, J.S.; Parmar, N.S.; Tariq, M.
1991 Hepatoprotective and safety evaluation studies on SarsaparillaRafatullah, S.; Mossa, J.S.; Al-Yahya, M.A.; Ageel, A.M.
1994 Pharmacological and safety evaluation studies on lepidium sativum L, seedsAl-Yahya, M.A.; Mossa, J.S.; Ageel, A.M.; Rafatullah, S.
1995 Pharmacological studies of rhus retinorrhaeaMossa, Jaber S.; Rafatullah, S.; Galal, Ahmed M.; Al-Yahya, M.A.
2000 Preliminary toxicity study on the individual and combined effects of Citrullus colocynthis and Nerium oleander in rats.Al-Yahya, M.A.
1993 Protective effect of swertia chirata against indomethacin and other ulcerogenic agent-induced gastric ulcersRafatullah, S.; Tariq, M.; Mossa, J.S.; Al-Yahya, M.A.; Al-Said, M.S.; Ageel, A.M.
2001 Response of Najdi sheep to oral administration of Citrullus colocynthis fruits, Nerium oleander leaves or their mixture.Al-Yahya, M.A.; Ahmed H. Alfarhan; Adam, S.E.
1990 Studies on rut a chalepensis:an ancient medicinal herb still used in traditional medicineAl-Said, Mansour S.; Ageel, A.M.; Tariq, M.; Al-Yahya, M.A.; Rafatullah, S,; Ginnawi, O.T.
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