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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1981 Biological Availability of Iron and Manganese in Some Representative Soils of Saudi Arabia.A. H. EL-Damaty; A. S. Al-Mashhady
1983 Breeding for Salt Tolerance in Cereals. 1. Screening TechniquesH. 1. Sayed; A. S. Al-Mashhady; M. H. Abdul Aziz
1982 Change in Phosphates Solubility Isotherm in Some Calcareous and Gypsiferous Calcareous Soils.A. S. Al-Mashhady; A. Ramy
2001 Chemical Characterization of Indurated Layers in Some Soils of Saudi ArabiaA. S. Al-Mashhady; A. Sh. Sallam; M. Reda
1982 A Comparative Study on the Effect of Peatmoss and a Synthetic Soil conditioner (Hygromoll) on Water Retention and Certain Physical Properties in Calcareous Soils.A. S. Al-Mashhady
1983 Consumptive Use of Water by Some Crops in a Hot Region of Saudi Arabia.M. H. Abdel Aziz; A. T. Abdel Hafeez; A. S. Al-Mashhady
1985 Distribution of Palygorskite in Sediments and Soils of Eastern Saudi Arabia.H. Shadfan; A. S. Al-Mashhady
1984 Effects of Soil Salinity and Water Stresses on Mineral Composition of Wheat and TriticaleA. S. Al-Mashhady
1983 Evaluation of AI Qatif Irrigation Waters Based on Recent Concepts of Quality AppraisalA. S. Al-Mashhady; A. F. Youssef
1981 Extractable Phosphorous in Relation to Inorganic Forms of Phosphate in Calcareous Soils.A. S. Al-Mashhady; A. Ramy
1984 Heavy Metals Extractable from a Calcareous Soil Treated with Sewage SludgeA. S. Al-Mashhady
1982 Hydraulic Characteristics of Certain Conditioners and their Effect on Plant Growth.A. S. Al-Mashhady; M. I. Fahmy; A. A. Abo Hassan
1983 Labile Pools of Copper and Zinc in Calcareous Soils as Measured by DTPA and Plant Extraction.A. S. Al-Mashhady
1983 Loss of Nitrogen from Ammoniacal Fertilizers Incubated under Different Soil and Termperature Conditions.A. S. Al-Mashhady
1983 Morphology and Composition of some Soils under Cultivation in Saudi ArabiaI. I. Bashour; A. S. Al-Mashhady; J. Deviprasad; T. Miller; M. Mazroa
2000 Nature and Composition of Newly Formed Precipitates in Relationship to Characteristics of Groundwater in Arid EnvironmentA. S..Sheta; M. S. AI-Sewailem; A. Sh. Sallam; A. S. Al-Mashhady
1984 Nitrifcation of Ammonium Sulphate and Urea Fertilizers under Saline Condition.R. M. El-Shahawy; A. S. Al-Mashhady
1985 Palygorskite from Tertiary Formations of Eastern Saudi Arabia.E. Shadfan; A. S. Al-Mashhady; J. B. Dixon; A. A. Hussen
1983 Performance of a Potentially Salt-Tolerant Wheat Cultivar under Non-Steady State Soil Salinity.A. S. Al-Mashhady; H. I. Sayed
1984 Response to, and Efficiency of, Different Forms of Fertilizer Nitrogen Applied to an Arid Highly Calcareous Soil.A. S. Al-Mashhady
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