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Title: Zinc Sorption by Some Saudi Calcareous Soils
Authors: M. A. Mustafa
I. A. Ayed
O. A. Mahgoub
تاريخ النشر: 1988
Abstract: Zinc sorption was characterized for samples of twenty two agriculturally important soils in Saudi Arabia. The soil samples had CaCO3 contents ranging from 0.6-35.4% and DTPA extractable Zn contents ranging from 0.19-2.42 g/g. The later correlated significantly (r=0.469) with the organic content of the samples. Zinc sorption data, obtained by a batch equilibration technique, conformed to both Freundich and Langmuir equations. The adsorption maxima were very high and ranged from 1260-22390 with a mean of 9910 g/g. Apart from four samples lowest in CaCO3 percentage, the adsorption maxima were in excess of the cation exchange capacities (CEC) of the samples. Zinc potentials indicated that, in most cases, Zn did not precipitate as hydroxide or carbonate. Calcium Carbonate percentage and DTPA-extractable Zn originally present in the soil samples accounted for 75% and 26% of the variability of the absorption maxima, receptively. Furthermore, the accountability of CaCO3 was improved to 87% if it and adsorption maxima were divided by CEC
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/10069
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