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Title: Pituitary-gonadal hormones and sperm quality of male rats treated with Walterinnesia aegyptia and Bitis arietans venoms.
Authors: Alhazza, I. M.
Keywords: Saudi Arabia,
W. aegyptia
B. arietans.
تاريخ النشر: 2007
Publisher: J. King Saud Univ., Saudi Arabia (Science)
Citation: 20 (2): 73-87.
Abstract: Snake envenoming is a public health concern in Saudi Arabia. The effect of snake venoms, Walterinnesia aegyptia (W. aegyptia) and Bitis arietans (B. arietans) ( , and of LD50) on concentrations of plasma testosterone, LH and FSH beside sperm analysis were studied at different time intervals. The levels of plasma testosterone and LH hormones were not changed significantly in the rats injected with LD50 of W. aegyptia venom after one week only. FSH showed a significant decrease in the rats treated with the two venoms separately at the same previous dose after one week. The three tested hormones decreased significantly in the rats injected with or of LD50 W. aegyptia and B. arietans venoms. The treatment of rats with LD50 of B. arietans venom has no significant influence on sperm quality and count, while the sperm motility decreased significantly and sperm abnormalities increased in the rats received LD50 of W. aegyptia venom. The sperm motility and abnormalities were affected significantly by and LD50 of both W. aegyptia and B. arietans venoms. The sperm count per epididymis did not change significantly in the rats given and of LD50 of B. arietans venom, while it lowered significantly in the rats injected with LD50 of the same venom after three weeks. Moreover, the sperm count lowered significantly in the rats injected with of LD50 of W. aegyptia venom after three and four weeks. The rats treated with LD50 of W. aegyptia showed no significant difference in the sperm count. In conclusion, the two venoms affected the testicular-pituitary hormones and sperm characteristics in dose and time dependent.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/11181
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