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Title: Ultrastructure and host parasite relationships of Kudoa pagrusi (Myxozoa) infecting the heart muscles of sea bream Pagrus pagrus (L.) from the Red Sea.
Authors: Abdel-Ghaffar, F
Bashtar, A
Mehlhorn, H.,
AL-Rasheid, K. A. S
Al-Olayan, E.,
Abdel-Baki, A.
Morsy, K
Keywords: Ultrastructure
Kudoa pagrusi (Myxozoa)
pagrus Red Sea.
تاريخ النشر: 2009
Publisher: Parasitology Research. GERMANY.
Citation: 106: 121-129.
Abstract: The present study is a part of a continuous investigation of myxosporean parasites-infecting fish of the Red Sea using light and electron microscopy. Out of 120, 80 (67%) Pagrus pagrus fish were found to be naturally infected with Kudoa pagrusi. The infection was intensive and appeared as clusters of ovoid to ellipsoidal plasmodia being restricted to the cardiac muscles. Histological studies elaborated tissue distortion at the sites of infection and the adjacent layers. The development of the plasmodia reduced the functional area of the heart muscle. Ultrastructural analysis showed that the plasmodia were surrounded by single-unit membrane with numerous projections and pinocytotic channels extended toward the host cell. The generative cells and the different developmental stages were arranged at the periphery of the plasmodia while immature and mature spores were centrally arranged. The present study showed the main criteria of this genus: the spores possess four polar capsules with four shell valves.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/11251
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