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Title: Nanocomposite functional paint sensor for vibration and noise monitoring
Authors: Aldraihem, O.J.
Akl, W.N.
Baz, A.
Keywords: Carbon black nanocomposite; Conducting polymer; Functional paint sensor; Structural health monitoring; Vibration & noise monitoring
تاريخ النشر: 2009
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Sensors and Actuators, A: Physical Volume 149, Issue 2, 16 February 2009, Pages 233-240
Abstract: A new class of nanocomposite functional paint sensor is proposed, whereby an epoxy resin is mixed with carbon black nanoparticles to make the sensor sensitive to mechanical excitations. A comprehensive analysis is presented to understand the underlying phenomena governing the operation of this class of paint sensors. The analysis includes developing an electromechanical model which treats the sensor system as a lumped-parameter system. The Debye and the Cole-Cole equations are utilized to model the behavior of the nanocomposite paint. The sensor equations are integrated with a simple amplifier circuit in order to predict the current and voltage developed by the paint sensor. Several experiments are performed to assess the validity of the proposed models of the paint sensor system. First, impedance spectroscopy is employed to verify the validity of the Debye and Cole-Cole models and to obtain the sensor electrical parameters. Then, experiments are carried out to validate the piezoresistance model. Finally, the predictions of the electromechanical model are experimentally verified by examining the dynamic response of the sensor system under cyclic loading. The ultimate goal of this study is to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed nanocomposite functional paint as a sensor for monitoring the vibration, acoustics, and health of basic structural systems.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/13253
ISSN: 09244247
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