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Title: The Effect of Dietary Lipid Hydroperoxide"on the;
Authors: Sameh E. EI-Shewemi
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: ALEX.J.V1tT.SC
Abstract: Antioxidant therapy can .improve the pr:otectionand . metabolic activity of i.Iivercells. .This study was;,undertaken .to disclose the protective . role of vitamin E on bydroperoxidiz~d , rat . liver. Twenty four~,rat8were divided equally into.three groups.. Control group was.maintained!41m normal ra1 diet. Group Bwas mainta}ined on ,.lipid hydrop.ero;xidized diet after "oral administration of methyl ,linoleate• .. bydroperoxide (MLHPO).Thethird group (C) was given,;,in addition, vitamin E. At the end of eight •weeks, liver biopsies ';were;;,.obtained and processed 'for electron microscopy. There was a gradient of 'lipid "'accumulationw1thin hepatocytesof thethree;groups. Lipid vacuoles were rarely seen in the control, group. The second group, demonstrated maximal accumulationoL lipid vacuoles alloverhepato.cytic cytoplasm and phagolysoso~e8' in the pericanallicular ectop1!lsm. There were some ultrastructural changes in. tb,e form of dilated Golgi apparatus, . proliferated smooth endoplasmic reticulum and increased density with elongation .of ... the 'Junction ,complexarounq~ne canaUiculi. These changes w~resuggestive of increased, Jipid,,~,et~bolisll1' as a reflection to liver.pero:ddation. Examination of the" third group depicted •. ,regres~lmt ~•()f lipid and pha,golysosomal ••. • • •• @.~cumtilation which indicates.••• €mhanced lipid clearance "due to .antioxidant activityof:vitamia E. Vitamin E ~supplementation ',appegs ' .. to be uS.eful in ,decreasing th~ . .incidence of fattyinfiltratio~ of the Uver.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/14880
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