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Title: Craniofacial Differences of Anterior Openbite in Saudi and Southern Chinese.
Authors: Bukhary, MT.
Keywords: Craniofacial; anterior open-bite; Saudi; Southern Chinese
تاريخ النشر: 2006
Publisher: Egyptian Dental Association
Citation: Egyptian Dental Journal; 52(2): 1059-1066
Abstract: Objectives: The aim was to compare the craniofacial differences of anterior open bite in Saudi and Southern Chinese. Method and material: Ninety standardized pretreatment cephalometric radiographs (46 male and 44 female) of Saudi adult with anterior open bite were selected. The mean age was 23 ± 3 years. The radiographs were traced, anatomical landmarks identified and digitized. Thirty craniofacial variiables were produced. The method error was small and acceptable. The Saudi measurements were compared to the data provided by Tsang et al for the Southern Chinese. Student's t-test was performed. Results: The results indicated that Saudi when compared to Chinese have: [1] larger anterior cranial base, [2] smaller cranial base angle, [3] less upward tipping of anterior cranial base, [4] smaller total anterior facial heights, [5] larger lower facial height, [6] smaller upper facial height, [7] smaller posterior facial heights, [8] retrusive maxilla, [9] anterior upward tilting of the palate, [10] similar overeruption of maxillary molar, [11] similar mandibular plane inclination to cranial base, [12] larger mandibular plane to palatal plane angle, [13] larger gonia! angle, [14] proclined lower in¬cisors, [15] smaller interincisal angle, and [16] dentoalveolar bimaxillary protrusion. Conclusion: True differences exist in the craniofacial structures of anterior open bite between Saudi and Southern Chinese. The tested null hypothesis was rejected. ..
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/15792
ISSN: 0070-9484
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