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Title: Low melting temperature of binary titanium alloys.
Authors: Al-Jabab, A.
Shatta, H.
Keywords: Low melting temperature; binary; titanium alloys
Issue Date: 1994
Publisher: Saudi Dental Society
Citation: Saudi Dental Journal: 6(SI); Abstr. 099: 106
Abstract: Twelve Binary Titanium alloys were fabricated using the concept of 50% without Titanium or more will produce passivating Titanium alloys. Those Binary Titanium alloys (xTiyM) were selected based on Binary phase diagrams were x > 50w/0% that has eutectic transformations temperature closer to 11000C approximately. Five metal elements (yM where M substituted by Co, Cu, Fe, Pd, and Ni and Y < 50w/0%. These composition plus those to the side(s) hyper - and hypoeutictic alloys) were also selected. The objective was to evaluate density, microhardness and melting point of the new binary Ti-alloys. Components of the alloys were weighted and melted in an arc furnace using pressure vacuum techniques (Castmatic, Iwatani, Osaka) and Argon atmosphere in copper crucible. The Viker microhardness values (VHN) of melted buttons were measured using Micromet II, (Buehler, II) under 1000 gm load, on metallographically polished surfaces through 0.3 um alumina. To determine the solidus and the liquidus points the alloys were remelted in induction furnace (Challenger, Huppert's Inc.) under Argon pressure using crucible made of, O'Hara Titanium Vest, Investment material and Coted Chromal-Aluman thermocable. Results revealed a density range between 5.0 to 7.5 gm/cm3 and VKN (SD) 255.97 (24.2) for 67Ti-33Cu alloy to 562.12 (46.69) for 64Ti-36Co. melting range was between 942°C (72Ti-28Ni) to 1148°C (80Ti-sOCo.) for solidus point, and 988°C (57Ti-43Cu) to 1191°C 80Ti-20Co.) for liquidus point. Alloys has the eutectic composition were ranged between 942°C to 1110°C.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/16593
ISSN: 1013-9052
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