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Title: Galvanic corrosion behavior of implant suprastructure dental alloys.
Authors: Taher, N.
Al-Jabab, A.
Keywords: Galvanic corrosion; corrosion; endosseous Ti implant; suprastructure; dental alloys; titanium
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Citation: Dental Materials; 19(1): 54-59
Abstract: Objective. The purpose of this study was to evaluate and compare in vitro, the galvanic corrosion behavior of Co–Cr alloys (R2000, R800), Ni–Cr (RCS), silver–palladium (Jelstar), Gold (Pontallor-4) and Ternary Ti (experimental Ter Ti) when coupled with endosseous Ti implant abutment material. Amalgam alloy and commercially pure Ti cylinders (SSTi) were coupled with endosseous Ti implants as negative and positive controls, respectively. Method. An EG&G Model 263 Scanning Potentiostat was used for this purpose. Specimens were prepared and fresh artificial saliva was used as an electrolyte solution. The experiment run time was 24 h for each couple. The common potential, galvanic current and current integration during the last 6 h were recorded for each couple. Results. The results showed that the best couples were Ti/Pontallor-4, Ti/Ter Ti, Ti/R800 and Ti/Jelstar. The least acceptable couples were Ti/amalgam, SSTi/SSTi and Ti/R2000, while the Ti/RCS couple showed unstable galvanic corrosion behavior. Significance. It is concluded that the following alloys can be used as suprastructure alloys with Ti implants: Pontallor-4, R800, Jelstar and Ter Ti. Although Ter Ti alloy is an experimental alloy, it showed good results, but cannot be used in the clinical field unless extensive investigations are carried out. The SSTi/SSTi couple showed unexpected galvanic corrosion behavior which needs further investigation.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/16740
ISSN: 0109-5641
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