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Title: Purification and biochemical characterization of pancreatic phospholipase A2 from the common stingray Dasyatis pastinaca
Authors: Ben Bacha, Abir.
Karray, Aida.
Bouchaala, Emna.
Gargouri, Youssef.
Ben Ali, Yassine.
Keywords: Marine phospholipase A2, Characterization, Sequence, Stability, organic solvent
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: BioMed Central
Citation: Lipids Health Dis. 10: 32.
Abstract: Mammalian sPLA2-IB are well characterized. In contrast, much less is known about aquatic ones. The aquatic world contains a wide variety of living species and, hence represents a great potential for discovering new lipolytic enzymes. A marine stingray phospholipase A2 (SPLA2) was purified from delipidated pancreas. Purified SPLA2, which is not glycosylated protein, was found to be monomeric protein with a molecular mass of 14 kDa. A specific activity of 750 U/mg for purified SPLA2 was measured at optimal conditions (pH 8.5 and 40 °C) in the presence of 4 mM NaTDC and 8 mM CaCl2 using PC as substrate. The sequence of the first twenty first amino-acid residues at the N-terminal extremity of SPLA2 was determined and shows a close similarity with known mammal and bird pancreatic secreted phospholipases A2. SPLA2 stability in the presence of organic solvents, as well as in acidic and alkaline pH and at high temperature makes it a good candidate for its application in food industry. SPLA2 has several advantageous features for industrial applications. Stability of SPLA2 in the presence of organic solvents, and its tolerance to high temperatures, basic and acidic pH, makes it a good candidate for application in food industry to treat phospholipid-rich industrial effluents, or to synthesize useful chemical compounds.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/18338
ISSN: 1476-511X
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