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Title: Physical and Chemical Absorption of Oxygen in a Semi-Batch Stirred-Tank Reactor
Authors: A.AL-Jallal, N.
AL-Andis, N.
I.El-Shawarbi, Sh.
Keywords: Oxygen absorption, Chemical absorption, Stirred tank reactor
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: 4th international conference & exhibition. Chemistry in Industry, Bahrain
Abstract: This work presented an investigation of some of the fundamental factors that affect the physical and chemical absorption of pure oxygen and air into water, sodium sulphate and sulphite solutions. A stainless-steel, 18cm-diameter baffled-tank reactor, fitted with a 6-blade turbine-impeller was used. For the physical absorption of oxygen and of air, the rates have been measured and the volumetric mass transfer coefficients were successfully correlated with both gas-velocity and stirring-speed. For the chemical absorption of oxygen and of air in sodium-sulphite solutions, cobalt-sulphate was used as the catalyst. Chemical absorption rates were measured using the conventional iodometric method. Enhancement factor, “Φ”, was calculated at the different conditions in order to find the proper regime for this reaction. Accordingly, van Krevelen and Hoftijzer models were used. It should be noted that, in calculating “Φ”, use was made of the values of the volumetric mass transfer coefficients calculated previously for the physical absorption in the sulphate solutions, at the same total ionic strength as sulphite solutions and at otherwise constant conditions. The results pointed out that the reaction of oxygen with sodium-sulphite, was believed to be pseudo-first-order with respect to oxygen and zero-order with respect to sulphite, under the prevailing conditions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/18474
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