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Title: Radiochemistry (Radiokhimiya) Academician, Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, Moscow, Russia
Authors: AlHokbany, Noura.
Keywords: [ReO]3+, DFT, mercaptobenzothiazole ligand, ligand, 99mTc-gluconate, B3LYP
تاريخ النشر: 2000
Abstract: A novel mixed ligand 99mTc complex with mercaptobenzothiazole as ligand and Aminothiazole as coligand was prepared and evaluated as potential brain radiopharmaceutical. Preparation at tracer level was accomplished by substitution, using 99mTc-gluconate as precursor and a coligand/ ligand ratio of 5. Under these conditions the labeling yield was over 87% and a major product with radiochemical purity >87% was isolated by HPLC methods and used for biological evaluation. The reaction of [ReO(Citrate)2]- with mercaptobenzothiazole and Aminothiazole in hot MeOH yields [ReO(mer)(amino)OH (H2O)2] . The structure and DFT study demonstrated that the complex consists of distorted octahedral ReO(V). The coordination geometry at the rhenium is defined by a terminal oxo-group, the nitrogen and sulfur donors of the chelating mercaptobenzothiazole, the nitrogen of Aminothazole ligand, is present as a deprotonated amido nitrogen. Biodistribution in mice demonstrated early brain uptake, fast blood clearance and excretion through hepatobiliary system. Although brain/blood ratio increased significantly with time, this novel 99mTc complex did not exhibit ideal properties as brain perfusion radiopharmaceutical since brain uptake was too low.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/18480
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