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Title: Removal of Cesium and Strontium from Aqueous
Authors: A. Aldayel, O.
M. Alandis, N.
K. Mekhemer, W.
A. Hefne, J.
S. Alenazi, S.
Keywords: wastewaters, radioactive, cesium, strontium, natural bentonite, isotherms, kinetics, thermodynamics.
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: David
Citation: original,
Abstract: Sorption of radioisotopes onto a stable colloidal phase may significantly enhance their transport in groundwater. The adsorption of cesium (Cs+) and strontium (Sr++ ) from aqueous solutions onto commercial natural bentonite (NB) was studied as a function of contact time, temperature, bentonite mass and bentonite treatment (washing and heat treatment) on the uptake of these cations, independently. The heat treatment was 700 ℃ and washed bentonite samples termed by CB and WB respectively. Batch experiments results showed that the adsorptive capacity of NB at 293, 298 and 308 K for Cs+ and Sr++ were 110,105, 104 and 35, 33.6, 31.8 mg/g respectively. The experimental results for strontium adsorption 293, 298 and 308 K fit well to a Langmuirian and Frendlich type isotherm but cesium adsorption fit better with Langmuir than Frendlich isotherm. Thermodynamic functions, the change of free energy (ΔG°), enthalpy (ΔH°) and entropy (ΔS°) of adsorption were also calculated for each cation. These parameters showed that the adsorption of Cs+ and Sr++ onto NB was feasible, spontaneous and exothermic. The adsorption of Sr++ and Cs+ increases with increasing pH (pH 2-8) and follows pseudo-second order kinetics reaching equilibrium after an equilibration time of 300 and 5 min respectively. The adsorbed amount of Cs+ not affected by washing of NB but affected by the heat treatment. However the adsorbed amount of Sr++ on WB was higher than NB and CB.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/18499
ISSN: 1934-8932, USA
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