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Title: Similarity of cephalometric craniofacial features in Saudi parents and their offspring
AlKofide, Prof. Eman
Keywords: Orhodontics
Preventive Dental Sciences
تاريخ النشر: 7-يون-2009
Abstract: Abstract: The heritability of craniofacial form and structure between family members has been an area of interest for many researchers. Interfamilial information has been shown to be of value during case assessment, diagnosis and treatment planning in the Orthodontic practice. The present investigation was conducted as a cross-sectional study aimed to estimate the correlation and heritability values of craniofacial variables between parents and their offspring. The sample comprised of 24 Saudi families; each family consisted of father, mother, son and daughter. Lateral cephalometric radiographs were taken for each family member. Twenty eight angular, linear and proportional cephalometric variables were measured. Error of the method was assessed using the Dahlberg method and the coefficient of reliability tests. Interfamilial correlations and heritability (h2) values were estimated among father-son, father-daughter, mother-son and mother-daughter pairings. Results revealed statistically significant correlations in four angular measurements in the father-son pairings, while only the gonial angle was significant in the mother-son pairings. In the father-daughter pairing, nine angles were all statistically significant, while in the mother-daughter pairings only the ANB and AB to facial plane angles were significantly similar. When the linear measurements were considered, statistically significant correlations were found for the anterior facial height and upper and lower anterior facial heights between fathers and sons. The mother and son pairings identified significant similarities in the posterior facial height and mandibular body length. When fathers were paired with their daughters, similarities were found in the anterior cranial base length, total / upper / lower anterior facial heights, posterior facial height, maxillary length and midfacial length. No significant correlations were found between mothers and their daughters. With regards to the proportional measurements, no significant correlation was seen for all the pairings except between the father-daughter's group. The heritability (h2) test showed stronger values in all the father-son pairings rather than the mother-son groups except for the angular measurements where the opposite was seen. With regards to the parent-daughter groups, stronger h2 estimates for the all three types of measurements were shown in the fathersdaughters pairing more so than the mothers-daughters pairs. In conclusion, the overall correlation and h2 mean values for the three types of measurements showed stronger values in the father-offspring than the mother-offspring groups, with the father-daughter pairings more significant than the father-son groups.
Description: Masters
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/19240
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