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Title: Spectrophotometric determination of nafcillin sodium in pure form, tablets and biological fluids
Authors: AI-Arfaj, Nawal A.
Abdel-Razeq, Sawsan
AI-Hoshan, Aziza A.
Keywords: Spectrophotometric
Nafcillin sodium
Biological fluids
Ferricphenanthroline complex
p-Chloranilic acid
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: King Saud University
Citation: Journal of Saudi Chemical Society: 12(1);35-46
Abstract: Two simple and sensitive spectrophotometricm ethodsa re describedf or the determination of nafcillin sodium in pure form, tablets and biological fluids. The first method (method I) is based on the reduction of ferric ions into ferrous ions in presenceo f o-phenanthrolineb y nafcillin sodiumt o form a highly stable orange-redf erroin chelate[ Fe. (phenhY+,m easureda t 510 nm. Maximum color formation was obtained through heating. The second method (method 2) is based on the reaction of nafcillin sodium as n . donor with p-chloranilic acid (P-CA) as a It-acceptor to form an orange - red complex measured at 530 nm. Bear's law is obeyed in the ranges of 1.25-15 ILg mrl and 15-200 ILg mrl with limits of detection of 0.12 ILg mrl and 3.611Lg mr! and correlation coefficients of 0.9999 (n = 9) and 0.9998 (n = 10) for methods I and 2, respectively. The mean relative standard deviations (RSD%) of the results within day precision and accuracy of them were ~ 1.9 % which confirmed the reproducibility of the assay technique. The optimum assay conditions and their applicability to the determination of the drug in tablets are described. The methods results showed insignificant difference with those of a reference method. The first method was successfullya pplied to the determinationo fnafcillin sodiumi n spikedu rine and plasma.
Description: Chemistry Department, College of Science, Women Student Medical Studies and Sciences Sections,King Saud University
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2828
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