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Title: Control of non-linear chemical processes using adaptive PI algorithms
Authors: Ali, Emad
Keywords: Non-linear
Chemical processes
PI algorithms
Chemical Engineering
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Citation: Ind Eng Chem Res: 39; 1980-1992
Abstract: It is believed that a fixed-parameter PID may not do well for non-linear, time-variant, or coupled processes. It needs to be re-tuned adequately in order to retain robust control performance over a wide range of operating conditions. Alternatively, non-linear control algorithms can be employed. To avoid complexity introduced by such nonlinear controllers, modified PID algorithms that have the ability to adapt their tuning parameters on-line can be used instead to perform as well. An automatic on-line tuning strategy for PI controllers is proposed and compared with other existing adaptive PI algorithms such as Fuzzy gain scheduling, Model-based gain scheduling, Nonlinear version of PI, Internal model control, and Self-tuning adaptive control. The proposed tuning methodology adapts the PI settings by direct utilization of explicit expressions for the gradients of the closed-loop response with respect to the PI settings. The adapted parameters are determined such that the resulted closed-loop response lies inside predefined time-domain constraints. Application of the proposed technique as well as the other aforementioned systems to two non-linear simulated CSTR examples is demonstrated. These examples present challenging control problem due to their interesting dynamics such as time-varying gain and gain with changing sign character. Simulation results indicated that the proposed tuning algorithm can provide comparable, if not superior, performance to those obtained by the other tested algorithms.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/2989
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