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Title: Descriptions of two new marine scuticociliates, pleuronema sinica n. sp. and P. wilberti n. sp.(Ciliophora:Scuticociliatida),from the Yellow Sea,China
Authors: Wang, Yangang
Song, Weibo
Warren, Alan
Al-Rasheid, Khaled A.S.
Al-Quraishy, Saleh A.
Al-Farrajc, Saleh A.
Hu, Xiaozhong
Pan, Hongbo
Keywords: Identification
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Elesiever
Citation: European Journal of Protistology: 45; 29–37
Abstract: Two new marine scuticociliates, Pleuronema sinica n. sp. and P. wilberti n. sp., collected from the sand beach of Qingdao, China, were investigated in vivo and following protargo l impregnation. Ciliates of t h e genus Pleuronema are normally recognizable by their large sail-like paroralmembranee although one species, P. grolierei, has shorter cilia in the paroralmembrane . Neither of t h e new forms has the conspicuous paroralmembrane i n vivo so i n this respect they are not typical members of this genus. Pleuronema sinica is characterized by its large, conspicuously flattened body, the possession of only one preoral kinety, the irregular-shaped macronucleus and the rather unusual structure of t h e oral apparatus . By contrast P. wilberti has a medium-size broad-oval body, six to eight preoral kineties and a highly differentiated membranelle 3 that is five- or six-rowed. An identification key is supplied for the 15 species of Pleuronema for which the infraciliature is known.
URI: www.elsevier.de/ejop
ISSN: 0932-4739
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