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Title: Maximal oxygen uptake and daily physical activity in 7- to 12-year- old boys
Authors: Al-Hazzaa, Hazzaa M.
Sulaiman, Mohammed A.
Keywords: Maximal oxygen uptake
Physical activity
Heart rate telemetry
تاريخ النشر: 1993
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publishers
Citation: Pediatric Exercise Science: 5 (4); 357-366
Abstract: The present study examined the relationship between maximal oxygen uptake (V02max) and daily physical activity in a group of 7 to 12-year-old boys. VO:max was assessed through (he incremental treadmill test using an open circuit system. Physical activity level was obtained from heart rate telemetry outside of school time for 8 hrs during weekdays and during 40 min -of physical educarion classes. The findings indicated that the absolute value of VO->rnax increased with age, while relative to l>ody weight it Tcmaincd almost the same across age, with a mean of 48.4 ml • kg 1 • min Moreover, heart rale telemetry showed that the boys spent a limited amount of time on activities that raise the heart rate to a level above 160 bptn <au average of 1.9%). In addition. V(>max was found to be significantly related to the percentage of time spent at activity levels at or above a heart rate of 140 bptn. but not with activity levels at or above a heart rate of 160 bpm.
URI: http://hk.humankinetics.com/pes/viewarticle.cfm?jid=6t7Y7XJY6k3R2VLa6k6G2Nna6u2B4L8V6v2&aid=12170&site=6t7Y7XJY6k3R2VLa6k6G2Nna6u2B4L8V6v2
ISSN: Print: 0899-8493, Online: 1543-2920
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