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Title: Notes on soil ciliates (protozoa, ciliophora) from the netherlands, with description of keronopsis schminkei nov. spec. and apobryophyllum schmidingeri nov. spec.
Authors: Foissner, Wilhelm
AL-Rasheid, Khaled
Keywords: Austria
Enchelys polynucleata
Hoge veluwe national park
Inland sand dunes
Resting cysts
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: King Saud University
Citation: Acta Protozoologica:46;201-220
Abstract: Fifty-six ciliate taxa, including three new species, were found in two soil samples from the Hoge Veluwe National Park in The Netherlands. A literature search showed that The Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark are terra incognita with respect to soil ciliates: only about 100 species have been recorded. Likely, a much greater number, including many undescribed species, can be found on more detailed investigations. Two of the three new species are described in detail. Keronopsis schminkei nov. spec. differs from the congeners by the nuclear apparatus and cirral pattern. Keronopsis wetzeli Wenzel, 1953 is neotypified with the Austrian population described by Berger and Foissner (1987). Apobryophyllum schmidingeri differs from the congeners by body shape, the macronucleus pattern (many nodules), the arrangement of the extrusomes, and various morphometric features. Scanning electron micrographs and protargol preparations of Enchelys polynucleata confirm earlier transmission electron microscopic data on the occurrence of oralized somatic monokinetids and the lack of a circumoral kinety. Extrusome length and morphology of the resting cysts are rather different in various populations of E. polynucleata, indicating high genetic diversity (subspecies?).
Description: 1) Universität Salzburg, FB Organismische Biologie, Salzburg, Austria; 2) King Saud University, Department of Zoology, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/3482
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