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Title: Identification of occlusal sealants using optical coherence tomography
Authors: Oils, Linda L.
Al-Sadhan, Raed I.
Meiers, Jonathan
Redford-Eadwal, Deborah
Keywords: Identification
Issue Date: 2003
Citation: The Journal of Clinical Dentistry: 14 (1); 7-10
Abstract: Objective: Optical coherence tomography [OCT) is a new imaging technique that uses light to image dental structures intert'erometrically. OCT creates cross-sectional images that have potential diagnostic value for dental applications. When used in epidemiological studies, OCT offers a safe, non-invasive technique to discriminate occlusal sealants and composite restorations. This paper summarizes a study in which dentists were asked to interpret and discriminate between OCT images. Methodology: Twenty-one dentists were asked to interpret OCT images of nine extracted premolars that were either not restored, contained an occlusal sealant or were restored with a composite restoration. Results: Although the d e n t i s t were previously unfamiliar with OCTimages, they adapted well and fell confident in their diagnoses using this new technology. The sensitivity of OCT to discriminate composite and sealants was > 0,92, while the specificiiv of discrimination was > 0.94, The capacity of OCT to discriminate sealants from non-rcstored occlusal surfaces was.slightly less (sensitivity 0,88: specificity 0.86), but still within a clinically acceptable level. Inter- and incra-rater reliability, as measured by the kappa statistic, also revealed excellent performance by demists using this new imaging technology. Intra-rater reliability was very good, ranging from 0.82 to 1.0. Inter-rater reliability was also high, predominately in the "Good" to "Very Good" agreement range.Conclusion: This preliminary study indicates OCT imaging may he; an important new technology fur dlscriininalme occlusal si-:ii;itn> arid composile restorations
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/5685
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