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Title: Effects of extrusion slit on the flow and heat-transfer characteristics from a continuously moving material with suction or injection
Authors: Al-Sanea, Sami A.
Ali, Mohamed E.
Keywords: Stretched surface
Extrusion slit
Finite volume
Nonsimilar region
Heat transfer
Issue Date: 2000
Publisher: Elsevier
Abstract: The flow and heat-transfer characteristics over a continuously moving horizontal material with suction or injection are studied very close and far away downstream from the extrusion slit. The ®nite-volume method is used to map out the solutions in the nonsimilar and similar regions subject to uniform surface velocity and temperature. The e ects of Prandtl number (Pr), suction/injection parameter (d) and Reynolds number (Rex) on the friction and heat-transfer coe cients are studied. Comparisons with the similarity method solutions downstream at high Rex are made. Critical Reynolds numbers to distinguish between the self-similar and nonsimilar regions are obtained. The region very close to the slit is characterized by: (i) a rapid increase in skin-friction coe cient with increasing suction, or with increasing injection above d 0.45; the lowest friction coe cient is attained at an injection parameter d 0.45, and (ii) large heat-transfer coe cient which increases with increasing Prandtl number and suction, and decreases with increasing injection. On the other hand, downstream where the similarity solution is valid both the skin-friction and heattransfer coe cients reach asymptotic values depending on d and, for the latter, on Pr.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/6569
ISSN: 0142727X
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