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Title: Criteria for diagnosis of growth hormone deficiency: Does it exist?
Authors: Al-Herbish, Abdullah S.
Keywords: Criteria
Growth Homone Deficine
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Saudi Medical Journal
Citation: Saudi Medical Journal: 20 (10); 766 - 769
Abstract: Objective: Exploration of the criteria for diagnosing hormone deficiency used by physicians practicing it) Saudi Arabia. Methods: A questionnaire addressing the issue of criteria for diagnosing growth hormone deficiency wa> distributed lit I I'M physicians practicing in Saudi .Arabia wfio were attending a course in endocrinology. Analysis of the data received f i om 48 physicians was carried out. Results: Only me criteria fiom 10 clinical and biochemical ciilciw wa< chosen by 2 (4ft). 2 by 9 (l<?* >. 3 by 8 (|7fl i. - by 15 $ hy 9 (19%). 6 by 2 (4%) and 7 by 5 physician;.. The majority, JI <65?t) chose subnormal jmiwlh velocity as oh important criteria. Twemy-four (50%) chose the subnormal physiological growth hormone values taken during sleep o: after vigorous exercise, 26 (54$-1 chose in? 2 provocative Pharmacologieul tests, and | j« (37.$*$) and 9 < 19*4 I chose IKK: and 3 pharmacological tests Subnormal random singie growth hormone measurement was chosen by H (17%) physicians. Low somatomedin C tTg.Fl) and subnormal IgFl binding proteins were the choice of IB t3?.3ft) and 4 Favorable biochemical response lo growth hormone was the choice of lf> Qyk). When the choice* were combined oaly 3 (6%J physicians rook the moil likely con-en combination choice ie subnormal growth vdocity. delayed bone age coupled with subnoiitiul groWlf] hormone value* taken during sleep or exercise, and 2 provocative pharmacological tests. Conclusion: Definite diagnostic criteria for gtowdi hormone deficiency is lucking in this country. A nationwide criteria, and subsequent centra) control of growth hormone is required.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/7405
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