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Authors: Abdulmhmao A
Saleh A. AI Suhaibani
Issue Date: 1995
Abstract: A calibmtion rig was desjgned and fabricated to cnlibrat~ 'lh major traNduccrs of. mobile mstrumentation package. TIl mobile instnunco¬ratiofl p.nckag was bnl:lt to measure tim field pcrfommnce of tmc10rs and impJement5, It was mounted ell the MF' 3090 (Massey FurgC1WJl •• 090) traeier Wid used to measure the: perfDmutncc parameters such M dra;vbar pull, throe-point linkage forces, rear and fronl wll. I QI'CCo:i, PTO (Pm\o\cr Take Off) torque ,ground 5peed t implement . or ing dcplh I f\J I con.sun'lptio. etlgine speed! temperatures of engine oil, traem.issjOIl oil It axle cU, engine coolan and cngin~ fuel. A self contained rnobll'lJ im rum - Latioo lab oJ)" sed 1 tho mslrUm nted tmc' r aeeemedates all the tlllJl5duCet in til ittstn.Jmentnt ,00 pac . - and t;h callb Li D rii! for the calibcalioD of the 'lmw:duccts at lie, 1 ri can b assembled ill tl i£fer. 1 mode to meet ili calibmUon requirements, TIti-s paper describes die se up of•dlc rig in diffe nt modes ami l,hs:cnIibt uon pnmd: . re for the load sensin cl vis bolts of the wheel torque ru icr and drawar dynamom tor. ihe PTO torqu eter, and the lower Link and the lOp link transducers of tho tbree-poiat lillkage dynamometer. Mention of collltncreial producls in this pUblicllrion is for the perp e of providing specific infonnatiou 10 tbe reader and does not ccmstitut a rantce or wnrTanty of the products or an endorse:Rmll[ ovcr dle products n01 mcntion:Jd
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/9158
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