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Title: Degradation kinetics of as(Jorbic acid during ohmic heating with electrod'e rainless steel
Authors: A. ASSIRy
Keywords: ascorbic acid, degradation kinetics, high frequency power control, inert electrode coatings
Issue Date: 2003
Abstract: Ascorbic acid degradation experiment" "ere performed i~ buffer ,,0 lurion at pH l.5 using a batch ohmic hearer witll uncoated srainless steel electrodes. The elecarical corductiviry of Ihe b~lfer solution was adjusted using sodium chloride, The concentrarion of ascorbic acid was found using an HPlC technique .. Kinetics of degradation can be described adequately by a first order model for both convenrional aad ohmic treatments, Inn unlike convenrioual hearing, the temperature dependence of degradation for some ohmic treatments cannot be represented by the Arrhenius relation. During ohmic heating, power, temperature and aCi content affect the degradation rate. A number of reactions, including electrode reactions electrolysis of the solution, as well all reacti 0"1"1., between electrode materials and electrolysis products may influencetbe reaction mechanism as well all kinetic parameters. Al tbe highest power and salt content, eluate complaxation and a significantloss of Imlferlng capacity were noted, resulting in an increase in pH .. The results underline tbe importance of inert electrode comings, or tbe use of high frequency power for control of electrochemical reactions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/9272
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