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Title: 1. Phytocidal Activity of Diclofop-methyl, Tralkoxydim and Orbencarb to Wheat Plants
Authors: Tag-EL-Din
; D. H. AL-Rajhi
M. O. Ramdoun
تاريخ النشر: 1995
Publisher: J. King Saud Univ.,
Abstract: Phytotoxic effects of the herbicides : Diclofop-methyl ( DCL ), Tralkoxydim (TRL) and Orbencarb ( ORB ) to wheat plants were evaluated in water culture and in potted soil . The tests included effects of several concentrations and rates of the herbicides on the seed germination ( SG ), seedling emergence ( SE ), shoot length (SL), root length ( RL ), rootlets number ( RN ), plant height ( PH ) and fresh and dry weights ( FW and DW respectively ) . The results showed that, ORB at 500 ppm caused non-significant reduction in the RN, whereas RL and SL were significantly inhibited with 0.5 and 12.5 ppm respectively . Significant reductions in each of FW and DW occurred with 0.5L ORB / ha, and its ED50 value for the SE was 1.2L/ ha . RL and SL were significantly decreased by 2.5L TRL / ha, and the respective value of each of FW and DW was 3.5 / ha . DCL affected RL at 5 ppm and each of SG and SL at 50 ppm ; its 2.5L / ha rate decreased the pH, FW and DW . In general, ORB was less effective on the SG than either TRL or DCL, and each of the latter two, at 25 ppm caused less than 50% decrease in the SG . Values of SL were gradually decreased with the increase of each of DCL and TRL concentrations, but the decrease of TRL was sharper than that of DCL, which in turn showed sharper decrease in the SL than ORB .
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/123456789/9388
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